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sound waves — a membership program by Aloha Got Soul created to cut through the noise and reach fans directly with the music we love, create, and champion. sound waves provides thoughtful and unique musical offerings to our most dedicated supporters.

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Aloha Got Soul
Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu record label
bringing rare and relatively unknown music of Hawai‘i to the surface.


Jeffery Ryan Long
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Jeffery Ryan Long Exposes the listener to not only the technical mastery, but also the giddy bouyant strangeness, that percolated in sweaty Hawai'i rehearsal spaces and in recording studios where the air was composed of moist endorphins and smoke. Each record tells a story about Hawai‘i and the the aesthetic preoccupations of our bands–from Kalapana-style jazz-rock to mathematical funk arrangements, from Windward psychedelia to stoner surf-soul to gentle coastal balladry.

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